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New Chapbook, May  2024: Big Blue Hospital

Inkfish Magazine

Five Minutes

Discretionary Love


Boats Against the Current


Roi Faineant Press

Lavender lime Literary (NSFW)

Red Lemon Review


Continue the Voice

Storyteller’s Refrain

Kitchen Sink Magazine

Punk Noir

Sledgehammer Lit

Heroin Love Songs

Flora Fiction

The Lunch Break Zine

Versification Magazine

Flash fiction:

Roi Faineant Press

The Daily Drunk

Print Publications:

Alien Buddha Press  “The Alien Buddha Wears a Black Bandanna”

Stripes Anthology “Wail” Edition

Blink-Ink Press

Lockdown Literature

The Lunch Bucket Brigade

Trash Panda Haiku

Awards and Nominations:

Nomination for Best of the Net 2021


“Robert’s poems are alive with relationship. They invite the reader to discover his people and places, addressing the complexities of human experience with patience and grace. The poems are attentive to craft and form while remaining committed to their truth.   –Tim Moder, poet, author of “All True Heavens