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The Craft of Poetry for Prose Writers

Raymond Carver. Sylvia Plath. Leonard Cohen; just three examples of gifted writers who wrote poetry, as well as prose.

In this Zoom-based interactive workshop we’ll talk about how to make the leap to poetry, and how to carry your writing style, themes you frequent, and the rhythms you create in your writing. 

If you write prose, poetry is a very close neighbor. This time will give you a better sense of poetry and how to craft it for yourself, in your own style, with some new skills. 

Join me on Sunday October 22nd, from 3pm to 4:30pm PST.

$20, payable by check, Paypal, or Venmo.


Women Poets Prior to the 20th Century

In this free Zoom roundtable discussion, we’ll share our favorite women poets prior to the 20th century. I won’t be teaching, as this is a roundtable experience, with all of us sharing. Please bring a poet and poem you’d love to share.

We’re sharing older poetry as women poets have been left of out of the canon in many ways. Reviewing the past is a great way to update it. 

Join me on Sunday, October 29th, from 3-4:30pm PST.