Tutoring Services

Sometimes school can be challenging for even the brightest of students. It’s often hard to find our academic voice, one that is ours alone, that suits our style of written communication — communication that shows our teachers and professors that we know our subject well.

This is true, especially as it relates to writing assignments in literature courses, or even art history courses. Writing about other people’s art, their poems, novels, and nonfiction is a style all it’s own, with its own necessary insights, – and one that can be overwhelming at times. I’m here to help with that discovery of your authentic voice in written assignments.

I work with high school and university level students. My style is casual and focused, phone or Zoom. $25 per half hour. It’s your time and we can use it with focus to your advantage. I do not provide  tutoring  in MLA, APA, or other formatting standards. They would take too much of our time and are not part of my area of expertise.

Please contact me at practicing.stillness@gmail.com or 707-841-0203.