A Servant of the Moon

With every full moon, pulled and swayed

I  am the sand along the shoreline, found in the tide,

turned into a regenerating belief that love and freedom are one.

Lava touching ocean, my heart reaches for light.

I breathe in the warm vapor, new forms taking shape along the edges

too fresh to hold life.


Taken from “Rough”

My soul tumbled, a burnished stone

a million times too big for its home,

denied access to share borders with others

tried  to smooth out deals of transcendence.

Words that could pretend,

rub away my very existence. 


Wound in Ribbons

A kiss without

stardust strung together

wound in ribbons of fire

across oceans of universes

within souls birthing epiphanies

is meaningless and forgettable.


DastBunny grew up in the millennial ‘tween time (1975-1995), an early childhood of backyards and cousins, jam sessions and bbqs. DB has lived from East LA to behind the Redwood Curtain, with stops along the way in the mountains of Kern County, and the majesty that is Yosemite. DB calls among her friends vatos, hippies, artists, and freaks, having lived from barrios to communes, cults and tent cabins. DB is a master code switcher, spending her days as an elementary school librarian, her nights as a Goth Dj and performance poet, and every Sunday in direct mutual aid with Food Not Bombs. DB started her poetry journey way back in 1994 at Chaos Coffee, in Bakersfield, CA. DB has been known to drop crowd silencing truth bombs around the greater Humboldt area.